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Sesamoid Fracture – A Holiday Injury

Best wishes for 2009. The first holiday injury came this week. Another sesamoid fracture . A  38 year old male patient returned to the practice for follow up to a visit in December, due to have impressions made for new orthotics.

He told me that on Christmas Eve he had slipped and fallen into a swimming pool with his  leg fully extended – ‘straight out in front and under me’. The leg had hit the bottom of the pool with the ball of his foot, jarring it severely.

Over the next few days he experienced varying degrees of severe pain, best relieved with wearing thicker soled shoes. However, with the weight off the foot there was a constant throbbing.

Remembering the young lady I wrote about about towards the end of last year, I sent for X-rays. Result a fracture shows clearly in one of the sesamoids.

Treatment? Take it easy. No excessive activity – but cycling in the gym is OK. Thick and soft soled shoes – probably sneakers. Be patient!

Sesamoid fractures should always be suspected with a history of sudden stamping under the foot. They usually heal well, but may take time.