Level 3 Covid-19 Lockdown. Welcome Back

As the practice starts up again – well almost! With the lifting of Level 4 Lockdown. more movement is permitted and it is possible to attend to health problems more easily.

Remember only at Claremont now; Hout Bay closed in 2019.

Call Nabu on 021 671 2101 or 073 746 7631 to make an appointment and to receive the confirmation email – with instructions.

According to many reports there has been a worldwide tendency for people with pre-existing conditions to avoid keeping their regular appointments, out of understandable fear of contracting the Covid virus.

Under Level 3 however we actually need to be more cautious by:

Wearing a mask.

Social distancing

Washing hands with soap & water.


My consulting hours will be limited, but preventive measures are in place in the entire Library Square Building.

No lab testing for Covid takes place in the building.

Temperature Testing is compulsory, along with hand sanitizing.

I have installed protective screens where necessary, plus protective measures for point of sale equipment.

However, I haven’t lost my sense of humour! Looking forward to meeting up again.



Andrew has taught at the University as well as providing podiatry services in South Africa since 1977. Twice chair of the Podiatry Association of South Africa and a commentator on care of your feet on both radio and television he now works in private practice in Cape Town and Hout Bay.

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