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Outrageous footwear!

High heels – of course they damage your feet. But women still buy them. Just take a look at an outrageous South African blog: Google- Shoegirl South Africa and see what you get!

Apparently a new fashion trend is to wear socks with your high heels. Socks with high heels? Almost as bad as socks with sandals for men.

Even better is the website for FitFlops, yes you read correctly. I saw them with my wife at a Johannesburg shoe store last Saturday. What about footwear advertised as: The flip flop with the gym built in! Cushioned heel absorbs 36% more shock than regular footwear. Micro wobble-board midsection slows eversion rate by requiring 15% more energy to walk. Firm toe area promotes faster toe-off.

And the result? Firmer buttocks and leg muscles. One wearer says she does feel like she has just done a workout after wearing them.

They are available through one string of outlets – I’m not advertising them! Check the website. www.fitflop.com

I’m dying to know more about them.

Here’s another idea, from Bignews page 14 January 2008.(This is a local business newspaper.)Transparent shoeboxes.(Very politically correct in SA today!). Boitunelo Mofokeng has obtained the rights to exclusively distribute Shoebby, a transparent shoe box manufactured in the United States.

So no more searching for ‘that’ pair of shoes, because all your pairs are visible in these neat transparent boxes. For the guys it could mean the end of sifting through that disorderly pile of assorted shoes in the bottom of the wardrobe! Contact Mofokeng at 082 453 8692.