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Holiday Foot Health

Foot health care needs to be checked if you are going away for Easter.Wherever you go, you are probably going to spend more time on your feet! Most of you will be OK and recover quickly from the aches & pains of that long walk on the beach,in the Bush or mountains.It might even be running some extra kilometres because you have time off!Often it is that extra round of golf!
To prevent foot problems, make sure you have the right footwear for what you are doing. That romantic barefoot walk on the beach can be ruined if you develop pains in the soles of your feet( plantar fasciitis), so use your takkies for some of the time.
Watch out for blisters caused because your shoes were rubbing. Don’t open or burst them, rather put a plaster firmly over the area to bind it down for a few days until it dries up. If you really have to open them use a clean instrument and immediately put on an antiseptic dressing with gauze.
Don’t forget it is easy to get sunburn on the tops of your feet if they are usually covered up at work!

Just a few thoughts to help you to enjoy your break.