May is World Foot Health Awareness Month: Baby Walkers

Today’s Foot Health Awareness Tip:  Avoid Baby Walkers.

Children will decide to walk independently when their bodies are able to. Baby walkers place extra stress on joints before nature intended. In addition they cause the foot and lower limb  to move in an unnatural walking pattern.

Research has shown the use of baby walkers is associated with a delay in normal walking and activites such as standing and crawling.

Their use is best avoided – they are banned in Canada.

Source: Children’s Feet. Gordon Watt. Lecturer in Podopaediatrics, Glasgow Caledonian University and Consultant Podiatrist, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow. Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, UK.


Andrew has taught at the University as well as providing podiatry services in South Africa since 1977. Twice chair of the Podiatry Association of South Africa and a commentator on care of your feet on both radio and television he now works in private practice in Cape Town and Hout Bay.

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