Keep Moving!

Well we are installed so to speak. I treated the first patients at the new rooms this evening and then continued emptying boxes – where does all the "stuff" come from? At least it is a good reason to throw away some things, but what about keeping them -‘just in case?!"

Standing & moving makes you realise just how many muscles are needed to keep the body going all day, and what it takes to give you sore feet. At this holiday time remember that you are likely to do much more walking than usual, even if it is following family or your significant other around the shops! Aching soles could probably be a painful condition called plantar fasciitis, where the pain is in the heel and/or the arches of one or both feet. This will go away if you rest or start to wear Tekkies to give better support to your feet, but if you are on the coast with only your ‘Speedo’ and slip-slops you’re in for a tough time. Plantar fasciitis could also develop as a result of playing increased amounts of sports, so take it easy. Although walking barefoot on the beach is supposed to be therapeutic, watch out for the burning sensation you get due to friction of your soft city-slicker’s feet with the rough sand.[If you are in Zanzibar then no problem because the sand there is like icing sugar!]. Another source of irritation can be the thongs of your sandals between the big toe and second one, so choose your footwear carefully.

I hope you read the articles in The Star and The Weekender newspapers (Oct 26th and Nov 10-11 respectively)  quoting my colleague Dr. Bernhard Zipfel’s research into the benefits of going barefoot and the damage that wearing shoes appears to be doing. The full research paper was due for publication in the Novenber edition of the  journal The Foot. Have a look, what do you think? 


Andrew has taught at the University as well as providing podiatry services in South Africa since 1977. Twice chair of the Podiatry Association of South Africa and a commentator on care of your feet on both radio and television he now works in private practice in Cape Town and Hout Bay.

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