Fascinating Foot Facts

* The average adult takes in excess of 18,000 steps a day. For children it’s even more.

* In a lifetime your feet will walk approximately 112000 kilometres – that’s four time around the earth.

* Leonardo da Vinci called the foot a masterpiece of engineering. each foot has 26 bones, 19 muscles, more than 100 ligaments, thousands of nerve endings and a complex network of blood vessels.

Every time your foot hits the floor when walking it’s the equivalent of twice your body weight. if you are running this increases to three times your body weight.


Andrew has taught at the University as well as providing podiatry services in South Africa since 1977. Twice chair of the Podiatry Association of South Africa and a commentator on care of your feet on both radio and television he now works in private practice in Cape Town and Hout Bay.