According to Dr Karel Bakker, a specialist diabetologist and Chairman of the International Diabetes Federation Consultative Section and International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot –    Losing a limb is among the most feared of the many disabling complications that can affect people with diabetes – with reason: every 30 seconds, a lower limb is amputated due to diabetes; up to 70% of all leg amputations happen to people with the condition.

Diabetes is a serious and chronic disease. All types of diabetes are potentially life threatening and can reduce quality of life. In 2003,  the global prevalence of diabetes was estimated at 194 million, it is now thought to be in excess of 200 million and this figure is expected to reach 333 million by 2025. Of the many complications that can affect people with diabetes, foot complications take the greatest toll.

# 85% of all diabetes- related lower extremity amputations are preceded by a foot ulcer.

# four out of five ulcers in people with diabetes are preceded by external trauma.

# the prevalence of foot ulcer is 4% -10% of the diabetic population.