5th International Symposium on The Diabetic Foot, 9-12 May 07

In May I attended the 5th International Symposium on The Diabetic Foot held, 9-12 May 2007, in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands. Held every four years, the symposium has become the world’s largest meeting dedicated to the subject of the diabetic foot and I was just one among about 1000 delegates from around the world gathered at the NH Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst.

In his welcome to delegates, Karel Bakker, the meeting Chairman wrote:

Guests from over 75 countries are expected. The number of submitted abstracts has doubled since the last symposium in 2003. Sixty oral presentations from the submitted abstracts will be presented. In addition, 180 posters will be displayed. There will be invited lectures and these, together with nine different workshops, which  will be repeated more than once, will cover most of the problems which arise in the world of the diabetic foot.In particular, the impact of new strategies and policies on the managemnet and prevention of the diabetic foot in general is stressed.

Of particular interest was the following statement; Given the high and rapidly increasing prevalence of diabetes, special attention will be paid to improving foot care in the developing world. A debate on foot care and podiatry will focus on the importance of structured foot and licensed foot care in every country.

On the last day of the meeting the fully updated International Consensus and Practical Guidelines 2007 were launched.

The Diabetic Foot Award was made to Dr. Peter Cavanagh of the Cleveland Clinic, USA. Peter was recognised for beinf an outstanding specialist in the field and for being pivotal in the development of better diabetic foot care worldwide.